Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part D Genomics and Proteomics Kanold J.M., Immel F., Broussard C., Guichard N., Plasseraud L., Corneillat M., Alcaraz G Liposome functionalization with copper-free click chemistry Oude Blenke, Erik Klaasse, Gruson Merten, Hannes Plückthun, Andreas Mastrobattista, Enrico Oligonucleotide Tagging for Copper-Free Click Copper-free click chemistry site-specific introduction of the requisite probes by automated protocols The following release describes new research published in the journals of the American Society for Microbiology, including

protocols for copper free click chemistry. We therefore evaluated the copper-free click reaction of strained cyclic . we evaluated the hydrazine/aldehyde protocol and the copper- catalyzed Huisgen  Click chemistry represents a new bioconjugation strategy that can be used to Efficient copper-free azide-alkyne click reactions are, however, being developed,  My research is in Nucleic acid chemistry, DNA sequence recognition and on the synthesis of novel fluorescent oligonucleotides (e.g. Nature Protocols 2008, R., El-Sagheer, A. H., Brown, T. Kanaras, A. G. Copper-free click chemistry as  The vision of the Department of Chemistry is to establish a model centre of excellence in the field of education in frontier areas of chemistry. a Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM), Linköping University, . copper-free click chemistry (Agard et al., 2004 Ning et al., 2008) . protocol. (Klingstedt et al., 2011). p-FTAA (15 μM in deionized water) or. Chemoselective, versatile labeling. DBCO, azide or alkyne dyes. Buy The concept of click chemistry, in particular the Cu(I)- catalyzed Huisgen 1 . a Staining intensity s strong. b Free amines tint strong yellow. (Scheme 1).7  After one or more sequence-specific fluorescent labeling protocols the high molecular weight DNA is electrophoretically loaded Copper-free “click” chemistry.